Friday, October 11, 2013


     I think that in some ways, I am an old fashioned girl at heart. Ever since I was little, I've been fascinated with the times gone by.  I'd imagine myself living on the prairie, being a pioneer. Recently I got a new pair of boots which in my head look like something that Laura Ingalls Wilder would have worn. I put them on, head to school, and feel like an old fashioned, one roomed, school teacher and it makes me smile. Last week my husband and I attended a barn raising. The very term "Barn raising" pulls me back to that old fashioned place.  We strapped on our work boots, tramped through the mud, had fun with friends and watched as the barn took shape. Fall is here and there is a pot of cranberry tea simmering on the stove. We have plans to make caramel for apple dipping, and as the wind howls outside coziness abounds.  All these things blend together creating a quaintness and charm that makes the heart smile. So find a cozy spot and have a lovely evening. Happy Friday.