Monday, February 25, 2013


      Winter is one of the those times of year that I have a love hate/relationship with. Every year as Fall comes to an end, I wait with anticipation for that first beautiful snow fall. And then, one day it finally happens and everything is so lovely. Snow is everywhere, the air is crisp and winter is fun. Then, as the months drag on and the temperature starts to plunge into the negative regions of January, Winter and I take a turn in our relationship. It's really all one sided. Winter seems to love me because I get tired of it and tell it to go away and it patiently continues on. The problem is that I get tired of the cold and the cold and generally the cold. I begin dreaming of the day when I can run out to the mailbox without dressing for the arctic. And then, just when I am about to tell Winter that I am done with him, he goes and does something to redeem himself. For example, yesterday I woke up to the most beautiful sight. Winter had snuck in and painted the world in its own unique pallet of whites and sparkles. The trees were adorned in millions of crystals and the sun was out to play. And my heart swells with the joy and beauty of it. And really, winter has a lot of redeeming qualities. Ice skating, sledding, ski lift rides, broom ball and strategically placed snow balls.  So, there you have it. Enjoy the snow.

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
 ~John Steinbeck


          For awhile now, there have been thoughts that cross my mind and moments that touch my heart. Yet, time and again, something seems to stop me from letting them flow freely from my mind into the written word. Moments of pure joy.. Moments of peace when I am overwhelmed with a knowing that God is right there with me. Moments of realization, when I see that I have come along way and that what once seemed like an unavoidable, uncontrollable fear has fainted away and I am left with joy and the hope of something new.
         Moments with friends, knowing that I am blessed. Moments with sunsets, when I marvel and God's goodness. Moments when a song starts to play and my heart simply must dance. Moments of color when all I want to do is paint the moment in swirls of magic. Moments of pure joy when the little brown eyed baby sitting behind me in Church is singing her two year old heart out. Moments when the voices of my friends and family rise together in beautiful four part harmony as we sing songs of praise to the One who created the moment.
        And so dear friend, may you be blessed by this sweet, Monday, night when Spring seems possible. Breathe in deep, delight in the day, dance to the music, and know that the One who breathes life into every moment of every day, loves you.

“What day is it?"
It's today," squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day," said Pooh.”  ~A.A Milne