Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Door a Garden and Other Such Goodness

Well hi, how has your week been? Sunday evening is here once again. 

    Yesterday was a delightfully busy day around here. We spent the day working on several different projects. One of which was painting our new front door. The old door was in really poor shape, so last weekend, Luke spent Saturday putting it in and yesterday we gave it a lovely coat of blue paint to match our new roof. 
The old door.

Power tools are cool.

Watching Daddy work....Excited about the day when he can help!

Mid project Luke realized he needed to do a Menards run. He asked me if I wanted the doorway covered. I wasn't keen on a gapping hole in the house while he was away. Our neighbors have a giant great dane that likes to wander over, I could just imagine turning around and seeing him standing behind me...

Yesterday the paint happened. 


We still need to get the trim done, but it sure does look snazzy. 

In other news this week the garden is doing nicely! Baby carrots, peas, tiny peppers and cucumbers among other things. We had sakuma for supper on Wednesday with some of our freshly picked collard greens.

Giant sunflowers. Its going to be so fun when they bloom!



My helper

Nettie and her carrots

This week I turned 28! My boys took me out for supper.

Nothing like a good book.

Napping at Auntie Keren's

Napping at home.

Watching Grandpa Steven work on the new barn.

Hanging out at Grandma's 

Cousin Beatrice

Cousin Gregory

Brody and Buirlen

Good night and may your week be truly lovely!

"We sometimes underestimate the influence of little things." ~Charles Chestnutt

Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Busy and Beautiful Week of Adventures

     This past week has been crazy, but so good. Due to the holiday, Luke had a 4 day weekend and so it was lovely to have him around all day for 4 days straight. It also suddenly decided that it was summer and got hot and muggy. I think it's funny how living so far north, it takes forever for spring to happen that it surprises me when I realize that it is actually summer.
   Also, this week Buirlen turned 4 months which is simply crazy. One year ago we found out that he was on the way and now he is here and growing fast. Life is good.

Friday, Buirlen and I spent the day out at the farm. Grandpa Steven was working on moving the old milking barn so that they can start construction on a new one. It made for great entertainment. 


Grandma Bonnie, Ephraim and Buirlen watching the barn moving process. 

Oh the joys of a bucket full of water. 

Meanwhile, The Lovely Keren Ruth, Irindee and myself got a game of Scrabble in. 

I won! That rarely happens in Scrabble.

We think this kid might be starting to teeth because he chews on everything and could be renamed Mr. Drools

Flowers are going on sale at the garden center....Pure delight!

Sunday dinner was at Benjamin and Keren's. 

Playing Pictionary after lunch

Ax and Ephraim(Photo credits to the Lovely Keren Ruth)

So many kiddos

Last summer Luke worked on re-roofing our house. He got all but the garage done when we ran out of steel and summer. So this weekend he got back up there to finish the job. It looks great!

Flowers just make me happy. So many colors. 

Walmart is exhausting(Especially when you decide to do your weekly shopping on Monday, July 3rd. Not my smartest decision)

Ken and Abbi hosted a lovely 4th of July picnic. Buirlen and Brody were thrilled to have the opportunity to wear their matching red white and blue shirts. 

I've been wanting to get a family picture but it hadn't happened. So, I told Luke we were going to get one at the picnic right away, before anyone spit up, blew through a diaper, got fussy or fell asleep. 

The toes have been discovered. 

     Last night at church this fellow decided to have a full out diaper explosion. This is not surprising in and of itself, seeing as he does it frequently(often when he is dressed all cute and we are away from home). What was impressive was that he managed to almost totally bypass the clothes he was wearing but get it all over me and the floor. Oh adventures!

My good friend Larisa was also able to come up for a visit this week as well and my sister Lydia, is headed this way tomorrow. She hasn't met Mr. Buirlen yet. The Adventures continue. 

Happy Thursday. 

"Life is only as good as your mindset." ~Unknown