Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Reverse Break-in

    The other day I returned home from school, I parked the car, walked into the house, turned the corner into the kitchen/dining room and noticed that something was different. Things were not as we had left them that morning. That's right, we had had a "break-in." But before you get all worried, let me assure you. It was a reverse break-in, instead of things missing, something had been added. It was the the type of "break-in" done by people you know and love, who just so happen to have a set of keys to your house.
    Long story short, there was a new dining room table left by Luke's parents, Steven and Bonnie. We have been talking about wanting a farm house table for quite some time. The table we currently had was very serviceable, but it was old and rather wobbly when we had all the leaves in. My dream had been to have a long, one piece(no leaves) rectangular table and there it was. Now when I say "new table" let me also clarify, this is not a new table. It is the table that Luke grew up with, the table that Steven made with wood from their land, and that has been sitting in their dining room for many many years. Steven and Bonnie had found a new table for their kitchen and thus decided to gift us theirs and we feel oh so blessed to get to own it.

    Thinking about "break-ins" reminded me of another time a year or so ago, when I wondered if perhaps someone had broken in to our house. I had decided that I wanted to slow roast a chicken for our dinner. So, one morning before work, I pulled out the roaster, placed the chicken in, got it all seasoned up and headed to work. When I returned home, the house no doubt smelled amazing as I walked in. I headed to the kitchen to check on my bird. I pulled the lid off and was instantly confused. There was a gaping hole where the breast should have been. I couldn't figure out who would have taken just the breast of our roasting chicken. When Luke got home I asked him and he laughed at me.  He then told me that he had noticed me putting the chicken in the roaster upside down and that the gaping hole was simply the back of the bird caved in on itself. Perhaps not my brightest moment but a funny one non-the-less.
    So there you have it, adventures that just keep coming. It's almost Friday my friends!

"Never go a day without laughing at least once." ~Unknown

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  1. Funny about the chicken. I hope you have some great years around that table as we all have!