Sunday, January 29, 2017

Memories and Waiting

      The other evening, Luke and I had dinner out at Steven and Bonnie's(Luke's parents). While we were there I took a picture of this sketch that I did back in 2010. It was a thank you note for letting us spend the weekend with them the 2nd time Jordan and I visited Bemidji, and it's been on the wall pretty much ever since.

       Jordan had needed to come up to get registered for school. At the time, I still had no intention of moving up here, but my friend Emily and I went along for the adventure. My friend Polly told us that we should stay with her family friends, the Williams while we were up here, so we did.
     That was the weekend when I met My Love, the Lovely Keren Ruth, my future in-laws and so many other people that have since become deeply important to my life. That weekend Luke and Keren gave us the tour of Bemidji as well as taking us to Itasca State Park where we went canoeing. It was a truly lovely weekend that made some pretty great memories. I do like how our story has happened and continues on.

At the Itasca fire tower. Jordan, Emily, Luke, Keren, and myself(the beginning of a great story)

     Back to the here and now. I am 35 weeks with 5 to go. The crib is set up, the car seat is ready, the hospital bag is packed, and yesterday Luke and I took a birth class at the hospital. So now we wait. 

Happy Sunday. 

"Today's moments are tomorrow's memories." ~Unknown

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