Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fourth of July

      The Fourth of July has come and gone. It was a most lovely weekend. Two of my dear friends from back home came up to celebrate the holiday with My Love and I. Emily and I have been friends since day one. She and her sister Amanda have been in my life longer than pretty much anyone other than my family. That's a great kind of friendship.

Emily, Christian, and Sweet Baby Claire in the Headwaters of the Mississippi

        Polly and I have been friends since I was 17. We met at the small Bible college we both attended. We occasionally laugh at how we got started. I had decided when I first saw her that she wasn't going to be in my circle of friends(so very mature of me I know) and she had similar feelings. It wasn't till we ended up paired together at a host home on choir tour that we decided to seal the deal and be friends. I'm glad we did. She is pretty great, plus she introduced me to my husband! Here's to 10 years my friend!

Polly and Issac

        We laughed, reminisced, played games, and grilled a lot. I won Dutch Blitz though Emily might beg to differ. And we snuggled with this cutie.


       6 years ago, Emily, my brother Jordan, and I drove up North to get Jordan registered for school. At the time, I had no intention of moving here. We decided to re-create one of the pictures from that weekend.
2010 and 2016

      Corn on the cob was had and enjoyed. This little farmer knows his corn! And his mama is one of the dearest people in my life. This weekend was truly one of friendships. Ones that started a lifetime ago and newer ones that will last just as long. I am blessed.

        On the actual Fourth, we headed to Luke's sister for a summery celebration. Canoes and watermelon were involved. It was delightfully classic.


Nettie thoroughly enjoyed her watermelon and repeatedly requested that the musicians play "I'll Fly Away." The kid knows good music. 

Swings are fun(photo credits to Katy Murray)

 "Every summer has it's own story." ~Unknown