Monday, March 20, 2017

And So We Become A Family

      Buirlen is a little over 2 weeks old now. He likes snuggles, snacks, and car rides(He is certainly my kid) and is the sweetest little bundle. My mom told me that the 2 weeks after he was born would fly by in comparison to the 2 weeks leading up to his birth, and boy was she ever right. So much goodness packed in 17 days!

This makes me so happy. The man I love and our sweet baby, my heart is full.  God is so very good to me. 

      After our week long stay in the hospital, my Mom and sisters were able to come up and help out for a week. It was nice, they took care of the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. And my Mom helped out in the middle of the night and early morning when I just wanted to sleep and Buirlen didn't.

From Mamma to Ama. 

My Dad was able to come up at the end of the week to pick up my Mom and sisters. Dad loves all things tie dyed and so Buirlen got some pretty groovy clothes. 

I can't get over this outfit or the little dude wearing it!

Three generations. 

Three generations of Williams men.

My sweet Pumpkin Pie

I am so excited to get to be a stay at home mom with the Lovely Keren Ruth. Sunshiny afternoon adventures with our babies here we come. Ephraim thinks his cousin is pretty great!(Photo credits to Keren Ruth)

My friend Katy who was due the day after me finally had her baby, Brody,  almost 2 weeks after Buirlen was born. So maybe we didn't get birthday buddies like I was hoping, but I do believe that these 2 are going to be best buds. 

    And so here we are, it's the first day of Spring and life is so good! Happy Monday. 

"The family is God's greatest masterpiece." ~Unknown 

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  1. The tie dyed clothes from your Dad are so fun!