Sunday, February 5, 2017

Stories, House Help, and Fun

     It was Beach Week at school this past week. This week tends to be one of my favorite out of the school year. It allows my inner Miss Frizzle to shine. Some of the days included:

Wacky Wednesday. I was struggling to think of what to wear and so Luke googled ideas for me and this is what the results were. I just so happened to have a shirt that was the perfect color for Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. I think this was my favorite outfit of the week. 

 Hawaii Day. I will say, I don't like to be cold so I went for the layered tropical look. 

Crazy Hair Day. I brought back the 80's

Class Color Day. My room had yellow. Wearing a tie with your apron is the classy way to go.

      Friday was the end of quarter reward so we took the kids skiing at Buena Vista. This was the first year that I didn't get to ski with them, but it was enjoyable day regardless. 

     Then Yesterday, the Lovely Keren Ruth and Benjamin were taking pictures for a wedding, so Mr. Ephraim and I got to hang out together. He helped me with my house cleaning. He is one happy camper and laid back little dude. 

We started by cleaning the bathrooms, he did the sweeping. 

Then we vacuumed. 

And he decided to organize my cupboards even though that wasn't on the list for the day. 

All that work makes a body hungry. 

    On to other things, the Lovely Keren Ruth and I have taken pictures together in the same spot at Church ever since Luke and I got married. Some how that just became the place where we would take a picture when we had a color contest, showed up matching, or just needed a photo. We hadn't taken one recently, so today we made it happen. Keren pointed out the other day, the fact that we are truly spectacular posers. What can I say!

Mara used our spot today as well. 

    And then there is this crazy story, and it makes me smile. This is my friend Katy. A couple years ago, her husband Andrew got a job up here. He showed up at Church one Wednesday night that Luke and I had stayed home. I got a text from Bonnie telling me that a family member of mine had visited Church. I asked her the name and it didn't ring a bell. But she said that he was somehow related to my Grandpa and Grandma Shearer, so I texted my Dad. It turns out he was my second cousin, meaning we share great grandparents. His wife Katy grew up in my grandparents Church and I remember her from VBS when I was quite little. Our parents all know each other and our grandparents are all friends, It's a small world out there. In these past two years they have become really good friends and we feel blessed to have them around. It just so happens that Katy is expecting their third baby and is due 1 day after me. So, these babies are 3rd cousins. 

May the rest of your Sunday be delightful and your week ahead a grand one! 

"Look at the beautiful world around you." ~Unknown 

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