Saturday, October 27, 2018

4 Years of Home

    This past week, we hit our 4 year houseaversary. That means we have now lived in our house longer than we lived in the apartment. It's a good little house...It's home. This past week, drum roll please...... Luke also finished the siding! Technically he still needs to put the roof fascia on, which is on the agenda for today, the garage still needs to be done(it may have to wait till next summer) and the interior wall of the porch needs to be insulated and covered. But, the pressure is off and the house looks AMAZING!
Last weekend the siding was going up fast!

The fascia(What Luke is putting up today) is the white trim that sits right below the roof line. It is currently just painted board. 

We aren't going to side the porch because the walls weren't built real well and so Luke would like to completely replace them someday. Why spend time and money to side them only to rip it off in the future? So, the plan had been that next summer we would just paint it to match. Well, last weekend as the siding got to the end we realized that we wanted it painted now! So I quick did one last painting project for the year.

We are very happy that we decided to do it now instead of leaving it red for the winter. 

October 2015(our 1 year Houseaversary)

October 2018
New roof(summer 2016's project) and new siding....Basically the outside is a whole different house. 

My little handy man. 

Working on his truck. My parents were up for a visit last weekend and they got him this little truck he can ride. I think lately he has spent more time "working" on it than he has riding it. 

Cousin fun. 

Cleaning up the garden. 

He's been coloring and using stickers lately. Fun stuff. 

Chillaxing in the sunshine. 

Poppy and Ama

An afternoon on the town with Ama and Uncle Jordan....Major fun!

Well, October has less than a week left and new seasons are upon us. May your Saturday be delightful and may you rest in the peace that comes from The One gave us this life to live. 

"Home sweet home."

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

And It's Already Halfway Through October!

     Happy Winter.... wait, it's technically still Fall, though we've been having some cold, wintery, weather up here in the good ole Northlands. We got our winter's supply of wood delivered yesterday, which  is good because we've been running the stove for a couple weeks now using up the tail end of last year's wood.
Happy Fall

Happy Winter

Stoking the stove with Daddy.

Adventures with your best buddy are pretty great.

The 3 Musketeers


We've had some pretty great help the past couple of weekends on The Great Siding Project of 2018.

My brother Mick came up at the end of September to give Luke a hand. It was fun having him around for a couple days.

Jordan and Mick

The following weekend Luke's sister Martha and her family came to help. 

Falling asleep while Aunt Martha reads.

An unexpected side project...Isn't that just how house projects go!

While the guys worked on the siding, Martha, Molly and Heidi helped me clean up my garden.

And then this weekend, Luke finally got through the numerous, putsy, prep work and...drum roll please...started putting up the steel.

It. Looks. So. Awesome!

The first sheet.

This part moves a lot quicker.

This little boy has been into copying what we do, he's so much fun.

He requested his own private table at lunch the other day.

  Being a big boy is exhausting work, sometimes you just crash.

We didn't realize how often Luke sits like this after dinner until Buirlen started doing it to.

Had a bite now for a moment of relaxation....Ahhhh

Happy Tuesday.

"To live will be an awfully big adventure." ~Peter Pan