Sunday, February 10, 2019

Power Cord Cozies and Elephant Paws

     A couple weeks ago, we survived the frigid temperatures of the polar vortex and this past week we have been getting lots of snow. It's piling up quite impressively around here. In fact, there is snow coming down as I type this.
     I've written in the past about how I tend to have a grandma style when it comes to my tastes.  Well, I'm at it again. I don't like the look of exposed cords and so today, I made a power cord a tea cozy, but for a power cord strip.

 Ta da. 

This isn't the first appliance cozy I've made however. Awhile back, we got a new alarm clock that was far to bright. We had a piece of paper over it, but then I made a cozy for it. 

And while not a cozy per say, a while back, I also found a way to hide the computer router which before had been just sitting on the shelf.

So there you have it, my grandma style in action. 

The other night, I was sitting beside Buirlen's crib as he was supposed to be falling asleep. I offer to hold his hand while he's falling asleep, but that particular night he let me hold the hand of his stuffed elephant, Egbert.  It made me think of when I was a kid and had a doll that I made my mom kiss good night. 

There is a new week a coming and I was going through the local grocery stores weekly ad and realized that there are some good sales to be had. So, yes, to top of my grandma-ishness, I'm also excited to go grocery shopping this week. Happy Sunday!

"Happiness is a choice, a repetitive one." ~Akilnathan Logeswaran 

"Life is a gift. Never forget to enjoy and bask in every moment you are in." ~Unknown

Monday, February 4, 2019

I Love My Job

    This weekend, I had the opportunity to spend the day at an EdCamp, which is a teacher's workshop. I got to go with my good friend Sarah who I taught at Heartland with. It was fun to spend the day together and I'm now a few credits closer to renewing my teaching license. I don't plan to return to full time teaching, but Luke and I agreed that keeping my license current was a wise idea should I ever want/need to sub.
Sarah and myself....A fun day together. 

    Being gone for an entire Saturday, meant that I left Buirlen home with Luke. That is the first time that I have been away from Buirlen for that long. We all survived, but I came home with these thoughts, "I like being a stay at home mom!"
    Every once and awhile, someone will ask me if I miss teaching. And honestly, I loved being a teacher. I loved going to school and having a classroom of kids. It was fun and energizing. I worked with a wonderful group of women and the community was just great. So yes, I look back at my time teaching with very fond memories, but I LOVE being a stay at home mama and have no desire to change my current vocation. I love being home and taking care of my kid and my house and my husband. And honestly, the thought of not being with my kid for the better part of every day doesn't sound fun to me at all.

Well, I hope this finds you having a most lovely Monday. A new week is here and It's February now, which means my heart is dreaming of Spring. 

"I didn't loose myself when I became a mother, I found myself." ~Unknown

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

It's Almost February, Time to Catch Up

Happy Wednesday. It is ridiculously cold up here in the Northlands. It's currently -20, but this morning when I woke up it was -34 with a wind chill of -50 something. That's chilly! I was thinking this morning about how we refer to talking about the weather as small talk and something you might bring up if you don't know what else to talk about. However, weeks like this make me think otherwise, everybody downright likes to talk about the weather if it's extreme weather.

Due to the extreme temperatures the past couple of days Buirlen and I have canceled our errands and stayed home and cozy. This morning, Luke asked if I could run out and throw some more wood onto the stove. So I bundled up like Nanook of the North and braved the great outdoors. I will say, I am extremely grateful for Luke who is the regular stove stoker. I woke up early this morning to realize that Luke was just coming back to bed after getting up to go out in the dark to stoke up the fire. He's a good man. 

Obviously, with temperatures like we've been having, playing outside hasn't happened, but last week we did venture out and Buirlen sure did enjoy himself. 

Blazing a trail to the compost pile. 

      I checked my last post's date and realized that I haven't written since back in October. That's almost 3 months, oops.
       We spent Thanksgiving here in town with the Williams crew. Then that weekend, we headed south for a quick visit with my Grandpa and Grandma Kinney. It was good to see them.

Checking out Great Grandma's Christmas village. 

    This year we decided to shake things up and instead of everyone heading to my parents house for Christmas, they all came up here New Years weekend and Luke and I hosted. Everyone but my brother Jesse was able to make it. It was fun. The week of Christmas my younger sisters came up for their school break so they spent Christmas with us. Buirlen sure does love having his aunties come and stay. Christmas Eve my oven decided to quite working. We knew it was struggling, but we just kept turning the temperature up in the hopes that it would work. We finally gave up and I pulled the pan of unbaked cupcakes out of the oven. I then went into panic mode because I had a turkey in the roaster, but needed an oven to make other things. We thought it through and got creative. Luke stoked up the grill and before you know it we had baked the cupcakes, dinner rolls, and frozen pizzas outside in the snow on the grill. The following morning I learned that I could bake cinnamon rolls in the electric turkey roaster. A couple days later, my sister and I decided to make peppernuts, a spiced cookie that I grew up eating. They are made by rolling out ropes of dough and cutting bite sized cookies...Lots of them. I got the dough all mixed up only to remember that I did not have a working oven. What to do! I pulled out the turkey roaster once again. We got them baked but it took quite awhile. 
Knocking down ice-cycles with Poppy.  

New Year's Eve, we headed over for a visit with Luke's sister Martha and her family. It was a lovely day. Buirlen has some pretty awesome cousins!

This guy has decided that a favorite pass time is sitting on the counter and playing in the sink. I've learned to just strip him down and pull the towels out before we start. 

We went ice skating. Well, I went ice skating and Buirlen fussed about it. He'll come around. 

Standing like Daddy, really doing everything like Daddy and Mama do it. He's growing so fast. 

He has a thing for shoes. 

One of Luke's coworkers came by this awesome truck as well as some other fun toys. They needed a home, so Buirlen was the lucky recipient. Hopefully this summer Luke can get it working and it will actually drive. But for now, it's parked in the house. 

Catching some zzzzz's

Living on the wild side. 

These two are just the best little friends. Ephraim calls Buirlen his "best boy." I love their little relationship. 

Living the Walmart dream. 

I've let him play with a pan of dry flour a couple times. It keeps him quite entertained and turns him into a little snowman. 

We are now on the countdown to one of my favorite weekends of the year, Winter Retreat. That means, every Sunday after Church we have potluck and then often we stick around so that the band can practice music or do whatever to prepare. This week, Buirlen had a go on Aunt Abbi's violin. 

Recently he has discovered that he can drag the stool around to achieve his purposes. 

A few years back I planted a lemon seed. well it has been a slow process, but this summer it really took off and started looking like a pretty tree as opposed to a twig with leaves. 

Today after eating a grapefruit I decided to stick the seeds in some dirt and see what happens.

Also, my orchid decided to bloom again. It's lovely. 

Well, there you go, stay cozy. 

"No winter last forever, no spring skips its turn." ~Hal Borland

Saturday, October 27, 2018

4 Years of Home

    This past week, we hit our 4 year houseaversary. That means we have now lived in our house longer than we lived in the apartment. It's a good little house...It's home. This past week, drum roll please...... Luke also finished the siding! Technically he still needs to put the roof fascia on, which is on the agenda for today, the garage still needs to be done(it may have to wait till next summer) and the interior wall of the porch needs to be insulated and covered. But, the pressure is off and the house looks AMAZING!
Last weekend the siding was going up fast!

The fascia(What Luke is putting up today) is the white trim that sits right below the roof line. It is currently just painted board. 

We aren't going to side the porch because the walls weren't built real well and so Luke would like to completely replace them someday. Why spend time and money to side them only to rip it off in the future? So, the plan had been that next summer we would just paint it to match. Well, last weekend as the siding got to the end we realized that we wanted it painted now! So I quick did one last painting project for the year.

We are very happy that we decided to do it now instead of leaving it red for the winter. 

October 2015(our 1 year Houseaversary)

October 2018
New roof(summer 2016's project) and new siding....Basically the outside is a whole different house. 

My little handy man. 

Working on his truck. My parents were up for a visit last weekend and they got him this little truck he can ride. I think lately he has spent more time "working" on it than he has riding it. 

Cousin fun. 

Cleaning up the garden. 

He's been coloring and using stickers lately. Fun stuff. 

Chillaxing in the sunshine. 

Poppy and Ama

An afternoon on the town with Ama and Uncle Jordan....Major fun!

Well, October has less than a week left and new seasons are upon us. May your Saturday be delightful and may you rest in the peace that comes from The One gave us this life to live. 

"Home sweet home."