Saturday, June 9, 2018

Summer Time Happenings

  Summer time is under way here in the Northlands, we have been busy! Friends, house projects, and gardens.....Oh My! Life is good. 
      Over Memorial Day weekend, we got to catch up with our good friends, Andrew and Katy and their kids. Sadly for us, they got a wonderful job in Indiana at the end of last year and moved away. It was so fun to spend time catching up.

The Kiddos together again.
Buirlen, Ax, Nettie, and Brody.

Sharing ice cream. Yum!

Time for bubbles and hanging out in the porch. 

A bicycle built for...3

Another one of the pre-projects to get done before the siding acatually gets under way, is removing 2 spots of concrete up by the house. Luke thinks that our living room was at one point a detached garage, and that is why it has the random lip of concrete under the window. And the other patch is a small sidewalk that leads back to the door that is no longer there.

The living room floor just vibrates when he's working at this.

It's jack hammer time!

Helping Daddy and loving it!

Time to relax. Buirlen has decided that his old carseat is the perfect lounge chair. 

This past week, I have also been working on getting my garden in. I am very excited about it this year and hope that it turns out as beautifully as I'm picturing it in my head. I have a sunflower, "forest," wildflowers, cosmos, zinnias, marigolds, tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, beets, collards, and broccoli. 

Tilling in the rain. He's a good guy. 

A cute and dirty little gardener. 

Planting beans. 

Getting dirty. 

This afternoon, I added a touch of class and charm to my garden which I'm hoping will also deter deer. 

Baby strawberries. 

And then, I went and gave a moose a muffin and am knee deep in a house project of my own involving my kitchen cabinets. Sand, prime, paint, repeat. More on that later. 

Mini road trips to see Poppy. 

Sherif Buirlen is on duty. 

My happy boy. 

Until next time. 

"Let us dance in the sun, wearing wildflowers in our hair." ~Susan Polis Schultz

Friday, May 25, 2018

Persistent Faith

       I find nature's ability to keep on keeping on despite setbacks rather amazing. For example, weeds are incredibly persistent. I recently re-mulched the landscaped area in my front yard and already, there are weeds pushing their way through. We mow down the grass and it comes back, we weed our gardens and turn around to see that they need it again. Usually, we look at this as a negative thing, but I was thinking about it the other day and realized that that is exactly how I want my faith to be, persistent.
      The enemy of our souls wants to destroy our faith, and he's pretty good at knowing our buttons. There are many different things that weed whack our faith, perhaps, it's fear or doubt, exhaustion, skepticism, anger, laziness, you name it, if it will weaken our faith, he will try it. But The One who calls our names, who desires to know our hearts, and gives us grace daily, wants to grow in us a persistent faith. Faith that gets back up when it's knocked down. Faith that says no to fear and pushes through when things seem foggy and disorienting. Faith that keeps seeking hope when all seems lost. Faith that won't give up. This is what I want. And so, I continue on the journey of growing in grace. 
     And now, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the wind is dancing, and the birds and crickets are making happy sounds.  Oh, and this weekend is the 7 year anniversary of when My Love asked me to be his wife. I'm sure glad he did.

My intrepid adventurer. 

Sweet violets

Planting rhubarb. 

Keeping an eye on the water spigot while Mama waters the plants. Puddle time!


Engaged and happy about it. 2011

Happy Friday my friends. May your faith be persistent!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Crawfish and Flowers

    Last night, we had the chance to go to a crawfish boil. We had never been and it was a lot of fun...and tasty. It was at the fire station and Buirlen enjoyed making the rounds and exploring.

He thought this was fun...Luke mentioned that he probably thought it was a steering wheel. I think he was right because I caught him pressing the middle and making a honking noise at one point. 

I have been enjoying puttering in my flower garden lately.  When we moved here, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a whole row of peonie bushes. However, they weren't in a great location and with the upcoming siding project, were in the path of destruction, so I moved them and they seem to be doing just fine in their new location. I also moved the irises I had put in last spring. The past few years I've had sunflowers and zinnias in this spot, and I plan to continue with that but it is now home to my peonies and irises as well, plus a few different annuals. I do love flowers.

This guy is a good little gardener...Digging is fun. 

Helping mama plant impatients around the tree. 

There were loads of violets up around the house, so they got moved to be with the impatients. I keep wanting to go out and look at my flowers. 

My brother Jordan came over to hang out this past Friday and he helped me open up and clean out the porch for the season.

The hammock is back and open for business. 

We decided to play a game of scrabble when we were all done. It was warm and a nice rain was coming down...Pure loveliness. 

And as far as the latest installment in the Siding Saga goes, the steel and insulation is here and now it's just waiting for the time to get started. 

Luke brought the big truck home with everything on it as couple weeks ago. Buirlen thought this was  great. 

And lastly, my baby is growing up so fast. These two pictures of Buirlen waiting for Daddy to come home are just about 1 year apart. Life is good. 

May 2017

May 2018

May your week be grand!

"Flowers are the music of the ground. From earth's lips, spoken without sound." ~Edwin Curran