Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Door a Garden and Other Such Goodness

Well hi, how has your week been? Sunday evening is here once again. 

    Yesterday was a delightfully busy day around here. We spent the day working on several different projects. One of which was painting our new front door. The old door was in really poor shape, so last weekend, Luke spent Saturday putting it in and yesterday we gave it a lovely coat of blue paint to match our new roof. 
The old door.

Power tools are cool.

Watching Daddy work....Excited about the day when he can help!

Mid project Luke realized he needed to do a Menards run. He asked me if I wanted the doorway covered. I wasn't keen on a gapping hole in the house while he was away. Our neighbors have a giant great dane that likes to wander over, I could just imagine turning around and seeing him standing behind me...

Yesterday the paint happened. 


We still need to get the trim done, but it sure does look snazzy. 

In other news this week the garden is doing nicely! Baby carrots, peas, tiny peppers and cucumbers among other things. We had sakuma for supper on Wednesday with some of our freshly picked collard greens.

Giant sunflowers. Its going to be so fun when they bloom!



My helper

Nettie and her carrots

This week I turned 28! My boys took me out for supper.

Nothing like a good book.

Napping at Auntie Keren's

Napping at home.

Watching Grandpa Steven work on the new barn.

Hanging out at Grandma's 

Cousin Beatrice

Cousin Gregory

Brody and Buirlen

Good night and may your week be truly lovely!

"We sometimes underestimate the influence of little things." ~Charles Chestnutt


  1. I like your new door! What is Sakuma?

    1. Thanks! Sakuma is stewed collard greens(with some other stuff) you eat it with chapatis. It's Kenyan.