Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Chairs and Lessons

    The name of the game this summer has been painting. For the past several summers I have dreamed about taking my mismatched and grungy kitchen chairs and giving them a spruce up. I finally decided to get to it this summer and I am so glad I did. Nothing like fresh paint to transform something. I've planned all along that my kitchen was going to be yellow and blue. The walls have been yellow for almost 3 years and the blue is finally coming into play with these chairs.

Some of the chairs had been painted before and someone had tried stripping them but stopped mid project. Others were splattered with paint from other paint projects. 

My Grandpa found the tiny chair for us last fall when we were expecting Buirlen. I'm pretty sure it is an antique and was definitely in need of some TLC.

The most beautiful shade of periwinkle blue.

Various stages of the project.

     I love how the blue looks against the yellow. I also love that this project took my mismatched assortment of chairs and made them look like they were meant to be together. 

I know several little kids who are going to think this tiny chair is pretty nifty. And I know Buirlen will love it as he gets bigger. 

And as these sorts of projects go, "If you give a moose a muffin..." I've already started in on another refinishing project. 

    On another note, something I've been thinking about lately is security. Let me back up, my sweet boy takes frequent naps. I will lay him down in his crib and go about the things I am trying to get done. I've learned that some things such as vacuuming, sanding chairs right outside the bedroom window, or accidentally dropping a kettle on the kitchen floor, really should wait until he is awake. Because the sudden, loud, noise inevitably startles him awake.
     But I've started noticing something, if I am holding him when the noise occurs, he is able to stay asleep. Last weekend, while Luke was putting in the door he was using a drill while Buirlen was napping, but I happened to be holding him. Buirlen kind of woke up but then snuggled right back down and continued his nap. Noises aren't startling or scary when he's being held. He knows he is safe and can continue his nap in peace. 
    As I thought about this, it occurred to me how this is true in our lives as well. Our Heavenly Father, The One who created the sweet baby's need to be loved, desires to hold us. When we lean back and rest in Him, the things of life are just not so scary. Loud noises of life may come and you may notice them, but you also notice that your Daddy's got you so why bother fussing about it, because you know you are safe. 
    So, my hope for you today is that you rest in the arms of the creator of life. Let Him deal with the noises that scare you, He is totally capable. 

"In peace I will lie down and sleep, for You alone, LORD, make me dwell in safety." ~Psalm 4:8

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  1. Your chairs look pretty fun, all in blue!
    I love your thoughts on security - that is so true.