Thursday, May 3, 2012

Summer Love

      Today I woke up a little before the alarm clock and listened as a bird softly sang outside my window. School is done and Summer break is upon me. There are oh so many adventures just waiting to be had, Laughs to be shared, Memories to make and Dreams to dream. I have a whole list of things that I want to do this summer. I want to perfect my sewing skills and make myself a dress. I want to get back to playing the piano. I want to ride my bike and splash through a few puddles. I want to read a lot of books and I want to watch the fireflies dance with the love of my life by my side. But most importantly, this summer, I want to rediscover the love that God has for me. I realize that I have not always allowed myself to accept that unconditional love, to simply rest in His grace. And so, my goal is learn how to let go and simply be. To live and to laugh and love and to be loved. My prayer is that you too can learn to rest in His love today. Know that the Father's heart is for you and that He desires for you to be all that you can be. He won't let you go, sit back and allow yourself to be wrapped in the arms of the One who will never fail you. Have a great day!


  1. I am trying to learn to bask in His love as well! I'm pretty excited about not trying to be something I'm not and to let go of the worry and regret. :D Hope we will both experience this every day and I pray that you will find the adventures you long for!