Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Invitation

     Today I got something in the mail. I received an official invitation to something that I have recently been getting rather excited about. It was an invitation to my college graduation. That's right I am finally graduating. It's been almost six years since I started my first official year of college seven if you want to count the few post secondary classes I took my senior year of high school. So many stories were written during these years. I grew up.
     After my first year, I took a year off. I got on a plane all by myself and headed out on a grand adventure. I went to Namibia were I spent five months, met a group of truly amazing people and made some pretty cool stories. I pet a lion, got stitches in my head, swam in the ocean and decided what I wanted to go to school for.
     It was also during this year that my family grew when my parents decided to adopt the sweetest little brown eyed girl, who I dubbed my "Sugar Baby."
    After this I came back and set my mind on finishing school. I went on choir tours, made amazing friends and studied hours of my life away. I had a unique summer job three years running that involved trucks, steel toed boots and a stop sign. I took the next big step when I decided to move way up North to finish my degree at a small state college.
     I took some fun classes and some that I couldn't wait to get through. I met even more amazing people, including the love of my life. I got married, started my own home with my husband and learned how to cook.
     And that invitation that I received in the mail is so much more than an invitation to a graduation ceremony. It is the invitation to all that comes next.

"It looks like the future is really bright." ~ Michael P. Anderson

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