Monday, March 28, 2011


Do you ever wonder about dreams. And, I don't mean the weird and random dreams you wake up scratching your head about. I mean the dreams that you have in life. We all have these kinds of dreams, sometimes they are big and flashy and sometimes they are very simple. But no matter how big or small, we all have dreams. Or at least we should. I cannot imagine going through life without dreaming. I think that if we don't dream, we are not fully living, but simply existing with nothing that we are working toward or hoping for. But, maybe your thinking, what is the point of dreaming, it will probably never come true. So, maybe all of our dreams won't come true. But if we have the ability to dream and go after our them, we are going to experience life in a whole new way. If we wake up every day with a dream in our heart, I think that maybe, just maybe we will be more open to experiencing all the wonderful opportunities and adventures that life has to offer. So today I challenge you to discover your dreams and go after them. And so what if they never come true. I bet that if you start dreaming your going to discover some things that maybe you never knew before. Open your eyes and your heart to the world of possibilities all around you. In the words of James Dean "Dream as though you'll live forever, but live as though you'll die today."

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  1. Bea! you have a blog! :)
    I really like this post.