Friday, May 3, 2013


     It finally happened. The last day of school came and I sit here now, having turned everything in and said good by to my student teaching class. It is so crazy to think about the fact that I am actually done with school. That my days of being a college student are over. I can remember my first day of college. I was technically still a senior in high school taking a couple post secondary classes, but it was a big day. I was 17 and so excited.  I got my student ID picture taken and shyly watched all the goings on. I met some awesome people that day, people who are still a part of my life today. Now today,  7 years later(1 year of PSEO, 5 years of full time classes and one year off), I come to the end of this adventure. As I fold up my college years and put them away, I know that they hold memories that I will always be fond of. I will always think about choir and smile and the times spent in the student center doing everything but my homework. The small bookstore where so many stories and moments were shared. Times spent in the dorm hallway laughing over coffee and being silly.
     So as I pack up this adventure I want to say thank you to all the people who helped me through it.  To my Mom who proof read so many papers and my Dad who put up with my tears as I tried to figure out loans and paper work. To the friends who let me pour out my woes and who in turn made it all fun. And to my husband who encouraged me constantly and patiently got me through countless homework meltdowns.
      So, I say my goodbyes to college life and hello to whatever tomorrow holds.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”~Elenore Roosevelt

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  1. How exciting that you are done! Congratulations!