Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Wheel

     Have you ever dealt with fear? It can be like a giant wad of knotted string that, try as you might, you can never seem to find the end of. Fear has a way of getting in your face and consuming all that is good. It occurred to me the other day that fear is like being on a hamster wheel. You run and run, trying to figure the fear out or at least get away from it. Yet, no matter how fast you run, it is a never ending circle that takes you no where and wears you out. 
     Sometimes when you are running on this wheel, your heart might catch a glimmer of truth. It's a gentle whisper urging you to simply step off the wheel and you will be free. And this sounds to good to be true but before you know it, fear chimes in and says that if you step off, all will be lost. It tells you that staying on the wheel is the only way. And sadly, we all to often buy into that lie. For as unpleasant as running the wheel is, the thought of all being lost is even scarier. And so, we keep running. Trying to out run the fear or at least come to a place that makes sense. We wear ourselves down, going on nothing but fear and feeling empty and hopeless lacking all peace and joy. And every once in a while, truth gently whispers, "Just step off, it will be okay." Your heart longs to do just that, but fear raises its head and you feel helpless to everything. You feel you must keep running.
      But my friend, Hope is there. Joy and peace are waiting. The beautiful world you see blurring by you as you run is waiting for you. The terrible gut wrenching fear that you are doomed unless you keep running, that is the lie. And, if you get the courage to step off the wheel, you will find that the fear that was driving you so hard is nothing more than a tiny wheel in a cage.
     We all struggle with fear at different times, but the One who gave us life doesn't want that for us. I know that for myself I have to make a choice every single day. I have to choose whether or not I'm going to trust in Him or step on that wheel. Sadly, I often make the wrong choice. But there is always hope and the promise of a new day. So today, step off the wheel. Enjoy your life. The One who loves you more than you will ever know is waiting. Trust Him. Have a great day.

Isaiah 41:10
"fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

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