Sunday, November 8, 2015

Enjoy Your Day

      Lately, our Saturdays have been busy. One weekend we butchered chickens. Then we spent one Saturday cutting up and shredding the 40 pounds of cheese that we ordered and split with the Lovely Keren Ruth and Benjamin. And last weekend it was goat butchering time. Needless to say our two freezers are quite full now, we are blessed.
      So this weekend, Keren and I decided to get together simply for the fun of it. Nothing to cut up, package, or shred. It was lovely.
      We made sugar cookies and split pea soup and played scrabble. I lost, which I always manage to do when we play scrabble, but I thoroughly enjoyed the day.
     Then today we proved that great minds really do think alike when we showed up to church with similar outfits.

     So, may your day be filled with joy, and beauty, and an overpowering realization that The One who created the goodness that goes into a simple day loves you.
“Joy is found in simple things.”~Todd Stocker

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