Saturday, October 29, 2016

Maintenance of the Heart

     Saturday is a such a lovely day. A day to be home. A day to be busy or not. A day to sleep in and then have coffee and muffins with your love. A day to really just appreciate the simple life we live.
     Luke is up on the roof for what is hopefully the last day of this project. A project that started in May is finally wrapping up at the end of October. I didn't realize just how long this would take, but that seems to be how projects roll. The soffit and fascia still needs to be put on, but that is going to be next summers project....And since I started typing this this morning, Luke has officially finished!
     This past week, we hit the 2 year anniversary of when we bought our house. It sure has been a good 2 years. We have crammed the days full of memories, company, dinner parties, family, house projects, and so much more. Our house is unique in its design, put together piece by piece over the years. Crooked in many ways but so full of character. I have loved how it has become ours and continues to change and morph with each project. And soon it will be home to 3, a place of love and memories.

     My family did foster care for around 10 years and so my Mom had loads of baby stuff in both genders. She brought it to me this summer and I finally got around to looking through it today. I pulled out an entire laundry basket full of baby boy clothes and am getting it all washed up and put away. We have a growing collection for this little guy and I so can't wait to meet him. It is just such a awe inspiring thing to think about this little baby and to feel his little kicks and wiggles. We are so blessed.

    I also spent part of today cleaning the house. Saturdays just seem to be the best time to really tackle that stuff. As I was pushing the vacuum around, I thought about how, in order to keep a house neat and tidy, you have to do regular maintenance. If I fail to vacuum, sweep, or clean the bathrooms the mess starts to build up and be annoying. And so, I take time to pick up, put away, wipe down, and generally clear away the clutter.
      I thought about how the same concept applies to our minds and hearts. They need regular maintenance to stay neat and tidy. And if we fail to do that maintenance things pile up and start to hinder our joy, peace, and sanity.
     Maybe it's some sneaky sin we let in and fail to deal with or perhaps worry or doubt has begun to settle like dust on your soul. We are humans, it's bound to happen. And so, we do maintenance. We need to make a regular habit of clearing out the clutter, wiping off the dust, straightening up the shelves and taking it all to The One who designed us.
    Don't let that worry sit too long on your heart, it will only build up and become a film that clouds your joy. Regular maintenance, it's good for the soul!
Happy Saturday.

"Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do...but how much love we put in that action." 
~Mother Teresa 

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