Sunday, July 31, 2011


Do you ever have one of those moments where you are so blown away by the One who holds life in His hands. One of those moments where life simply stands still, and all around you you see snapshots of His greatness and majesty, goodness and grace.Today I had one of those moments. A moment where I could do nothing but laugh as the tears fell down my face and marvel at the love of the One of who has called my name and promised to never leave me. Sometimes you may find yourself in a place where you are unsure. Unsure of His love, unsure of His goodness. Unsure of this life and how you will ever make it through. And then, when you absolutely need it the most, you see a sparkle, a snapshot, a declaration that He is true and real and good. Sometimes we may think that we have to wait and see God in some great, solemn, majestic way. And yet, God is all around and He reveals Himself in so many ways. And today, I saw it in faces. In the face of friends who show up at my families door step with pizzas, saying "Have dinner on us."  In the face of the one who has captured my heart and is soon going to become my husband. In the face of a fourteen year old girl who's life is drastically changed in a day, and yet still smiles. In the face of a a little boy who drives you crazy all day with his constant chatter and then melts your heart when he asks for a hug before he goes to bed. God is there. He is real. He is good. And you know what, He desires the best for you and He will fulfill that. He's not going to leave you hanging, He always comes through. So, look for the snapshots, see Him in the faces all around you. Loose yourself in the moment. Laugh, cry, dance, dream and never forget.

"In the midst of our lives, we must find the magic that makes our souls soar." --Unknown

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