Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Music

Do you ever feel as though the music has stopped. You feel as though life has left you in the dust, and what once was beautiful and exciting feels gray and sad. Stop right now, and listen. Do you hear it? The music is still playing, it may be quiet and gentle, but ever so faintly it plays on. Because, the One who wrote the music promises to never leave or forsake you. Did you know that every organ in the human body vibrates at a certain pitch. That means that you are a living, walking song. The symphony of life is within your very being. God delights in you so much that He wrote His music into you. You can't hear it with your ears, and yet it is there. How amazing is that! Our very bodies are an instrument of praise to the One who has given us life. So, today whatever you are doing, wherever you have been,  regardless of what you feel like, let the music play. Smile! It's going to be a good day.

"Music in the soul can be heard by the universe. " --Lao Tzu

Psalm 101:1
"I will sing of steadfast love and justice; to You O Lord, I will make music."

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  1. I LOVE this post! It resonated with me on this rainy, gloomy day. Would you mind if I reposted it if I credit it to you? Thanks!