Wednesday, October 19, 2011


One of my all time favorite stories is Peter Pan. It is great, there are adventures, pirates, a magical island and best of all, he could fly. Flying is something that I have always dreamed of being able to do. I remember when I was very little, my Dad picked me up and was "flying" me down the hallway. I remember thinking, "just let me go Daddy, I've got it from here." Of course he kept a firm grip on me because he knew the law of gravity, but I just knew I could fly. In the story Peter is telling the children how to fly and he says, "All it takes is faith and trust...And pixie dust. Now think a happy thought and fly." As I was thinking about this the other day, something occurred to me. So often in this life, we feel as though we are just barely getting by. Nothing seems good or beautiful anymore and we feel as though we are stuck on the ground. And, sadly we have trained ourselves to believe that this is the only way. Oh, but there is so much more. Though we will never literally be able to defy gravity and fly, the One who has given us life desires for us to live victoriously, chase our dreams, love unconditionally... to fly. But you may ask, "how can I ever get past these circumstances? I've lost sight of dreams, love and faith." Well, my advice to you are the words of Peter Pan. Have Faith in the One who loved you enough to die. Trust in Him regardless of the circumstances. And think a happy thought, meaning, believe in the beautiful things of life. Set your mind on the positive, for the only place negative thoughts will take you is in a downward spiral. So next time you start to feel discouraged and stuck, take Peter Pan's advice, Faith, Trust and Happy thoughts...and soar!.

"All you need is faith and trust...And a little bit of pixie dust." --Peter Pan

"Childlike faith focuses on our Heavenly Father--Not on our fears." --Unknown

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