Sunday, April 19, 2015

Luke's Garage

       So since we have moved, Luke has really enjoyed having a three car garage which has been transformed into his workshop. A few years ago we had bought a car and decided that we wanted to paint it. We thought that it would take a couple weeks. Ha. 8 weeks later as snow was starting to fly we finally finished. At that time we were living in our tiny apartment in town and so for that 8 weeks we spent every evening and weekend out at Luke's parents. It was a fun time, but also a time of frustration, when we started to wonder if we would ever be done.

      Well, Luke got the urge to paint again recently. It wasn't a full car this time, just the bumper off Keren and Benjamin's car. 

      In the 6 months we have lived here he has used the garage to work on(or let others work on) my sister's car,  his sister's car, his co-workers car, a friend's car and our car. He is quite the handy man. Happy Sunday.

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