Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Mysterious Smell

         Yesterday at school, I made a disgusting albeit hilarious discovery. One day I had notice that one of my students seemed to have horrendous taco breath. When I sat next to her desk I could hardly stand it. It would be one thing if this happened just once, but I noticed it again a day or so later. It was nasty. Then, yesterday the kids were at recess and I was picking up around my classroom when I noticed the taco aura next to her desk. This made me think so I opened her desk and took a whiff. Something horrible was brewing in there. I called her in and told her she had something stinky in her desk and asked her to please check and get whatever it was out. She promptly pulled out a ziplock bag with a chunk of food in it. It was a half eaten piece of Falafel that I had take to school almost 2 weeks earlier for the kids to taste while we were learning about the Middle East. For some reason she had decided to save it and it had gotten forgotten in her desk. I'm really not sure how she stood the smell, because it was totally grossing me out.
        So there you have it. A lesson on the fact that you should never assume. What you might think is taco breath may indeed be some left over surprise hidden in a desk. Happy Saturday.

"There are a lot of funny things that happen in ones life." ~Pierce Brosnan

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