Monday, April 18, 2011


I love crayons, they are fun, colorful, and they remind you to be a kid sometimes. And you know what else is fun about crayons? They come in all sorts of colors. If you open a box of 100 crayons, you will find 100 different colors. Sure, some may be very similar shades, but they are all different. This is kind of like people. In the crayon box of life, you will find no two alike. Sure, we sometimes resemble our parents or have an uncanny resemblance to some famous movie star, but no matter how similar we look, we are all unique. Sometimes I find myself thinking, "I sure wish I was more talented, or looked like her, or had a better voice, or had curly hair, or was just plain different." But then, I wouldn't be me. If all the colors in the box were the same, the drawing would be rather boring. If we were all one color, we would cease to be interesting. Just like with the crayons, the world needs the browns, reds, pinks, greens, yellows, blues, etc. We are beautiful because we are different. The quirks that make you who you are, are like your gifts to the world. Don't hide them, let them shine. Be your own color, and make the world interesting.

"Be yourself, because everyone else is already taken." --Oscar Wilde

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