Monday, April 25, 2011

The Unexpected

Do you ever find yourself fearing the unknown and the unexpected. You go through your day with the slight apprehension that your routine might get messed up and things will suddenly be chaotic. I think it is funny how we humans are such creatures of habit. We like to sit in the same seat in class and Church. We like to eat the same breakfast day in and day out. We all have those little routines and patterns that we find ourselves following. I am as much a creature of habit as anyone. I went through a phase for a couple of years where I had Grape Nuts every single morning. I sit in the same seat in my math class because that is where I sat on the first day. I have a routine for just about every day of the week that revolves around class, homework, and friends. I find that I like the routine sameness and the structure of life. But, since life often has a mind of its own, sometimes routines get messed up. Sometimes these little sidetracks are fun and exciting and sometimes they can be scary. But no matter what, they are bound to happen. What do you do when the unexpected happens? Do you get freaked out because you don't know how to handle it or do you get excited about the possibility of a new adventure? I think that is just what the unexpected brings...opportunities for new adventures. I also think that our attitudes about these unexpected happenings can make or break whether things turn out good or bad. If we get upset about the new twist in our path we will be more likely to miss the awesome possibilities that it opens up to us. However, if we look at the unexpected as a door opening up to something new and exciting we are more likely to come through the experience with a smile on our face and the realization that we have learned something new. Now I know that sometimes the unexpected can be painful and terrifying, but if we look at it as an opportunity to learn and grow, even the painful can become good. So, next time your path takes a twist and you feel like things are spinning out of control, look at it as an opportunity to learn and discover something new. And always remember that no matter what may come, God is bigger than we are and He will get us through. So sit back, and enjoy the adventure of life.

"Adventures are funny things. They may creep out of holes, appear down a seldom trodden path, fall out of a tree, or even arrive in an envelope, but they always start the same way. Adventures always begin with the unexpected..." --Wayne Thomas Batson

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