Friday, June 10, 2011


Next to the window sits a old jar and inside the jar is a beautiful butterfly. It is a  amazing, delicate, creature. And ever so gracefully it flutters about. It is so delightful to see butterflies floating on the breeze. And chasing after them through the fields is one of those simple joys of childhood. And as I sit and watch the butterfly in the jar, I realize something. Butterflies are like dreams, they are meant to be chased. When we put them into a jar all we can do is look at them. They are not going anywhere and they are not being all that they could be. Butterflies and dreams were not meant to be stuffed in a jar and put on a shelf. They were meant to be chased. Sometimes we get scared that if we pursue our dreams they will get lost or we will be hurt. Just like we are afraid of letting the butterfly out of the jar for fear of loosing it, we often are afraid to truly chase our dreams. We say to ourselves that it is just better if we put them up in a jar where they will be safe. But that is not what dreams are for. Dreams are meant to be chased, for the fun is in the chase. You just never know what you might encounter as you run through the fields of life. Don't ever stop dreaming! Don't stop believing! Don't stop delighting! Don't stop chasing! So what is your dream?

"When you cease to dream, you cease to live." --Malcolm Forbes

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