Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I saw fireflies the other night for the first time this summer. They were so beautiful. I love how they seem to fill the cool night air with magic and wonder. And they got me thinking. You only see fireflies when it is dark... When we were kids we were often scared of the night. It always seemed that when the evening shadows began to darken the ordinary turned scary. What once was sunshiny and beautiful was all of a sudden dark and unknown. But then, just when we start to get scared and wonder where the beauty of the day went, a single firefly begins to dance and soon he is followed by hundreds more. And they turn what was scary and unknown into something magical. Sometimes life is like this. We are going along and suddenly things go dark and we become afraid. We feel all alone and fear what lies around every dark corner. And then, just when we are completely at a loss, a firefly begins to dance. These fireflies of life come in many different shapes and forms, but they always come when we need them the most. And the really cool thing about these little bits of magic is that if life was always sunny and good we would most likely miss them. Sometimes it takes the dark times in life to really see something beautiful. So I encourage you, don't be afraid of the dark times, you are never alone... Just look for the fireflies.

"...I enter the battle, and I am not afraid. For I am not alone." Wayne Batson

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