Monday, August 8, 2011

The Book

Do you ever stop and think about how life is kind of like a book. A story full of adventures, love, tears, laughter, joy, sorrow and the unknown. Each page brings new twist and turns. And, as in all good stories, the plot is always moving forward. If we were forever stuck on one page, one chapter, the story would loose its interest. And so life moves forward and new adventures begin. I find myself at the beginning of a new chapter in my life. The page has been turned and an exciting new twist has begun. It started with a ring and a promise. With this change in the story, I took a new name, packed my bags, said goodbye to my childhood and took the hand of the one I love. And now as this new chapter of the story begins,  as I jump in the car and drive forward towards my new home and the great unknown, I smile and trust the One who is writing the story.

"Dream dreams and write them aye, but live them first. " --Samuel Eliot Morrison


  1. So excited for your new chapter of life and can't wait to meet you. We are so happy for you and Luke and will be praying for all of your transitions as you merge from 2 to 1. I Love reading your blog.