Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Colors

Today as I was standing in my room with the great debate of "What shall I wear today" playing through my head, I was overtaken with an urge to don as many colors as possible. My personal motto for life is that there should be no place untouched by color. I simply cannot imagine a black and white world. And so with this in mind, I proceeded to select a winner of an outfit. Starting, with pink leggings and a teal skirt. Moving up to a lime green and orange top. Yellow earrings and a string of multicolored beads add the right amount of flair, and to finish it off, what could be better than red and yellow high tops. Now tell me this, how can anyone have a bad day when it starts off with this much color and fun. And it was this that made me start to think. How often do I wake up and put on shades of grey for the day? It's not the clothes I choose to put on, but the color of my attitude, my thoughts, or my dreams. It is all to easy to allow grey into our hearts. To loose the joy of the little things all around us. To allow worries or fears to dull the true colors of the love of the One who has given us life and hope. When we allow cares, worries and burdens to have a part in us, we begin to mix grey into our hearts and the brilliant colors begin to dull. And oh, how sad a state this is. For that is not how life was meant to be lived. The One who breathed life into us is the one who gave us the colors. He created reds to be deep and purples to be rich. Blues to take our breath away and greens to sparkle. So today, whether your wearing a navy blue sweater and khakis, or all the colors of the rainbow, let the colors of your heart shine out and know the love of the One who gave them to you.

"Colors are the smiles of nature." --Leigh Hunt

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