Saturday, May 23, 2015

Life's Adventures.

      As Spring moves forward I've been noticing the wonderful music that God makes. The frogs in the swamp across the road are always harmonizing, The birds sing the melody, and I think there is some sort of bug that likes to add his chirping to the mix. I love it all and it is a sound that really fills me with peace when I stop, close my eyes, and just listen to it. I especially like leaving the window open at night to hear the sweet song as I fall asleep. God is so good.
     Last night, my Love and I decided to meet some friends in town for ice cream and then we went for a walk by the lake. It was lovely. Sharing ice cream with a sweet baby, smelling the lilacs as we walked the trail by the lake, and just enjoying the evening with good friends.

A bouquet from our little adventure. 
Then there is this,

way back towards the beginning of the new year, I planted an avocado pit. We had tried a couple of times, unsuccessfully, to get one started by suspending it in water. I decided to try again by just planting it in dirt. So, I had a lovely jar of dirt sitting on my windowsill for months. I finally gave up on it and stuck it in the laundry room to be dealt with later.  When I eventually got around to dealing with it I started to dig down in the dirt and realized that the seed had in fact split, and so I put it back on the windowsill. Awhile later, I still saw nothing so I was going to give up on it again but decided to check it first. I carefully dug down and low and behold there was a sprout. So I let it be. I'm glad I did because once it finally showed itself, it has gone to town in the growing department.
     Today may you realize that The One who conducts the choir and designed the growing process loves you so very much.

“Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it.” ~Andy Rooney

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