Wednesday, May 3, 2017

2 Months

    Mr. Buirlen Elder is 2 months old today. It is a little bit crazy how fast that went. Life is oh so good with this little man in it. He is really smiley and has started cooing, which is a lot of fun. He likes to be held most of the time and if I put him down, he prefers that we stay within sight. He still thinks bath time is the best time and has recently discovered the joy of showers. 

    We've been experiencing some typical Minnesota Springiness with snow one day and beautiful sunshine the next. I must say I wan't terribly pleased when it decided to snow last week. It has been nice for so long that I kind of thought the good weather was here to stay. Silly me, I have lived here my whole life, so I should have known better. Oh well. Though I did notice one morning that despite the wintery snow, the robins where out in force. There was a whole flock of them in the tree outside my kitchen window. Robins are a sure sign of spring so there is hope that spring will come to stay soon. Also Luke tilled up my garden spot for me, so garden planning can begin. I'm hoping for veggies and lots of flowers!

The Robin Tree

    I am continually in awe of how wonderful it is to have these two in my life. God has blessed me above and beyond. 
 My Lumberjacks relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. 

    This past weekend my parents came up for a visit. It was nice.

 Buirlen was getting pretty sleepy sitting in the sunshine with Poppy

Sometimes a sneeze just takes over your whole face.

     Here is another good song by Ben Rector. I love the message of this one. "Go on, leave your worries too. Not a bit of good they do...Leave all your troubles, leave all your sorrow." Enjoy!

   And so my friends, I hope that you fully enjoy the rest of your day, regardless of the weather. Look for the adventures, they are everywhere!

"No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow."~Proverb

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