Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Back in the Day Part 2

       When I was a kid my family lived in Kenya for a time.  Every few months we would go to Kalacha, Kenya for a missionary conference. It was smack in the desert and ironically enough, it was there that we got our fill of swimming, something I loved immensely!(The station had a large, above ground, water tank.)
         I was onced robbed by a monkey. We were in a restaurant and a window was open. Poor unsuspecting me was sitting there eating my food when suddenly a furry arm reached around my shoulder and snatched the bread off my plate.
         In church one Sunday I remember not being too comfortable sitting in front of the station's doctor. I was concerned that he might decide to give me a shot right there in the pew. It was in that same church that the men always sat on one side and the woman on the other. My family however, always sat together on the men's side.
      Some afternoons, we would have Club. One of the single missionary ladies would have all the missionary kids on the station to her house and have fun activities for us to do. I remember showing up one afternoon and another kid came out and announced that we were going to do body tracing. I wasn't sure that sounded like a good idea. It turned out fine.
(Me, Lydia, and Jordan in our Land Rover, LC)

"Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heartwarming!" ~Joseph B. Wirthlin

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