Monday, May 23, 2011

Just keep playing

Today I sat down at the piano and started playing. I always find so much peace and joy in music. I love how the notes on the page come to life in such a beautiful way. As I was playing, every once in awhile, I would hit a wrong note. And it made me think. That is kind of how life is. Throughout the course of our lives, we are bound to make mistakes. That is just the nature of being human. But than I realized, mistakes are okay. It's when we dwell on the mistakes that a problem arises. If every time we hit a  wrong note we get upset and stop, the music will not be what it could. When I make a mistake on the piano I just keep on going and don't let it interrupt the fun of simply playing. If I was to play the piano so intent on not making any mistakes I would probably end up playing worse than if I simply allowed the mistakes to roll on by. That is how we should live life. Know that mistakes will happen, but never forget that there is grace. So, keep playing, don't dwell on the mistakes and enjoy the music. 

"Life is drawing without an eraser; that is to say, don't worry about making mistakes." --Robert D. Clements

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