Monday, May 2, 2011


Early this morning I was lying in bed trying to fall back to sleep and I started thinking about the sunrise. The sunrise is like a great big splash of color that lights up the sky and reminds us of the promise of a new day. It is as though God is taking the empty canvas of the night sky and creating a masterpiece for the morning. And then I realized that God gives us an empty canvas every day. Every morning when we wake up we find ourselves with a brand new day before us. It is like God is giving us the opportunity to create our own masterpiece. And the great thing about this is that we will mess it up some days, but it's ok. Some days will simply not turn out that great. We'll spill the paint, smudge the picture or worst of all, not do anything. But, the great thing is, that no matter how bad it may turn out, God gives us a new day to start fresh. So, wake up every morning with the determination to live, create, and dream.

"Life is a great big canvas and we should throw all the paint on it that we can." --Danny Kaye

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