Monday, May 16, 2011

Motorcycle Rides

Today I rode home on the back of a motorcycle. And I must admit It was pretty fun. There is something nice about speeding along on a beautiful day watching the world fly by in a rush of colors. As I was enjoying the world around me, I started thinking. I realized that I felt completely comfortable speeding along in the open air at highway speeds because I knew that my Dad was driving and that he knew exactly what he was doing. If I didn't trust the driver, the ride would suddenly go from being fun and relaxing to terrifying. But I knew my Dad was in control and that he would keep me safe. I realized then that a motorcycle ride is a lot like life. We speed through this life and at times it may be scary or feel unstable, but I know that the Heavenly Father is driving and He knows what He is doing. If I stop trusting Him, I will be unable to enjoy the ride because I will be so worried that He doesn't have my best interests in mind or that maybe, just maybe, He doesn't really know what He is doing. But you know what, God made the ride and He knows how best to navigate through the twisting roads of life. So, instead of worrying about every turn, sit back, relax, watch the colors fly by and know that your driver has it all under control.

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." --Helen Keller

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  1. Great post Molly Bea. Have a wonderful summer! And , be careful! :)